Saturday, 16 June 2012

N˚7 'Beautiful Skin BB cream' review

I've been dying to try out a BB cream as they've recently become so popular in the world of beauty.
Firstly the BB cream ,or 'blemish balm', was first formulated in Germany in the 1950's to protect skin after laser procedure or surgery and give light coverage. After being introduced into Asia in the 1980's it has become a hugh product within the continent. Western companies started to take an interest in BB creams as many asian celebrities began to endorse the product. 
A BB cream basically acts as a foundation, concealer, sunscreen and moisturiser. 


N˚7 recently released their own BB cream with one for every skin type and two shades, fair and medium. This BB cream costs about £12.95 or €17.50.

I decided to try N˚7's 'Beautiful Skin BB cream" because it's the palest BB cream i've come across yet. I purchased this BB cream in shade "fair" for Normal/Oily skin. Initially I found the shade too dark for me, but once I blended it into my skin I felt the colour adapted to my skin tone better. The BB cream gave a gorgeous dewy look and evened out my skin tone brilliantly. I was skeptical about the coverage of this product but I was amazed by its concealing effects! It successfully covered the redness in my cheeks, blackheads in my t-zone and gave slight coverage to my acne cysts. This BB cream provided long lasting results and felt beautifully light on my face all day. I would defiantly recommend this BB cream to those with pale skin and anyone looking to try out a BB cream. I will be defiantly buying this product in the future, especially whenever I get my hands on a N˚7 voucher!(:

From left to right: Mac studio fix fluid in NW15, N˚7 BB cream in 'fair' and Mac studio fix fluid in NW20.

The results! I'm also wearing Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer in 'fair' on my acne cysts and coastal scents translucent powder (:


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