Saturday, 16 June 2012

Deep-set eyes

“The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides”. – Audrey Hepburn

A lot of people complain about having deep-set eyes and ask me what they can do about it. Honestly I love deep set eyes, I think they can look so cute and despite what people think there are a lot of makeup looks you can play around with. So I thought i'd write a little on how people can enhance and embrace their lovely deep-set eyes (:


Eye shadow for deep-set eyes:
The eyelid crease in deep-set eyes is set back so the area from the base of lashes to brow bone seems hidden. To enhance the eyelid light and shimmery eye shadows should be used on the eyelid and brow bone and more dark intense shades should be shaded over the crease on to the brow bone. Highlight the inner corner of the eye and the browbone. If lining the lash line always line both upper and lower lash lines on deep-set eyes and never
just upper.                         
To line eyes, start thin, then thicken line on outer two-thirds of eye, top and bottom. Smudge liner gently to avoid a hard line. Eyelash curlers can be extremely beneficial to this eye shape as it opens the eye up creating a wider looking effect.

Celebrities with deep-set eyes  
   Keira Knightly                                             Megan Fox

Deep set eyes can also be fun with smoky eyes and thick eyeliner. Because not much of the eyelid is exposed its easy to create an effortless dark look without over using eyeliner or any other product. Teamed with a natural lip colour and blush this dark look can be worn into the day with deep-set eyes, a look very hard for other eye shapes to achieve.
You can also wear a different coloured eyeliner or bright eye shadow all over your eyelid without it looking over done, it will just expose a cute little amount of the bright colour. The cute thing with deep-set eyes is that you only see the entire eyelid of eye shadow until you look down or close your eyes, not everything has too be seen at once.

Basic step by step eye shadow application for deep-set eyes:
     ·Apply concealer on dark circles around eyes and prime eyelids with eye shadow primer.
·Apply a neutral or white base colour all over eyelids from last line to brow bone.
·Apply the lightest colour on the inner one third of the eyelid and around the tear duct to open up the eye.
 ·Apply the second lightest colour (this can be a nice area to apply a very bright colour) starting on the center of the eyelid to the end of the eyelid. Blend this with the first on the inner part of the eyelid. This is the main colour of the look.
·You can apply another darker shade on the outer “V” of the eyelid to add more dimension, blend this with the main colour.
· Now use a dark colour starting on the crease or just above the crease to give the illusion of a higher crease and more eyelid. Blend this colour upwards and out.
·Apply a highlighting colour on the brow bone to open up the eye and blend lightly with the colour on the crease to smooth harsh lines.

Eyeliner defines and emphasizes the eye area. It is available in pencil, liquid or powder form.

· Eye pencil: Made of wax and oil, and contains pigments which give it different colour. This is most commonly used on the upper and lower water line and under the lower lash line. This can also be used over the upper lash line and smudged lightly for an effortless, easy eyeliner look instead of liquid eyeliner.
· Liquid and gel eyeliner: A gum solution, in which the pigment is suspended. this is most commonly used on the upper lash line and can be used to create some very creative looks. This creates the darkest and boldest looks among eyeliners.
· Powder eyeliner: A powder base with the addition of mineral oil.

Tip: For a fast and easy eyeliner look dampen an eyeliner brush or small lip brush and dip in black, or desired colour, eye shadow. Then apply as you would a liquid or cream eyeliner over the lash line. This will create a more natural look which is easy to correct. 

Eyeliner shape for deep-set eyes:
·  Apply eyeliner over the upper lash line, starting thin and getting gradually thicker and the eyelid becomes more exposed. Do not go too thick! You can wing out a thin line of eyeliner out and upwards.
· Apply cream or pencil eyeliner on the outer third under the lower lash line.
·      Apply white eyeliner on the water line to open up eyes.

Step by step applying eyeliner :
· Hold the brush as if it were a pencil. stretch the eyelid at the far corner towards the temples
· Close your eye and draw the line in one slow, steady stroke, by following the curve of your lashes.
· Open your eye and go over the line if you need to fill it in or make it thicker.
· Aim for the perfect line in no more than 2 strokes.
· If you want to extend the line past the corner of your eye, add this on with your eye open.


So thats what I have to say about deep set eyes, enjoy! (:


  1. Thank you Bawnie this is brilliant!!

  2. Deep set eyes are classically beautiful and many well-known women who are considered beautiful have them. Along with your example, Liv Tyler, Aishwarya Rai, angelina Jolie, Penelope Cruz, amber Valletta and many more have them. They're naturally defined and smokey. The only drawback is that they can appear closed or smaller than they are in certain lights, but otherwise they're great!